Thanks for checking out the Mamajamas blog. I’m hoping this blog will be a mix of mamajamas.com product updates, parenting resources, and experiences from my own life.

Just to be upfront, I definitely have strong opinions about parenting that are often outside the mainstream. Those will come through here.

While I try to never judge other people’s parenting styles (I really believe people should do what feels right for them and their family!), I tend to follow a combination of evolutionary and attachment parenting. I also love a lot of what Maria Montessori espoused, and like many aspects of the Waldorf education movement.

How does my parenting philosophy fit with mamajamas.com, a truly consumeristic site in many ways?

Well, when I was pregnant I was very overwhelmed by the process of buying baby gear. I just wanted to know what my parent friends, with similar values, had gotten, and get those products. But I didn’t have an efficient way to find that information or organize my product¬†acquisitions.

That’s where Mamajamas comes in.

Ultimately, I want to help people focus less on stuff and more on pregnancy and new parenting, and help them find baby gear that matches their values.

Also, I think that all the baby consumer sites right now are super targeted towards very modern and mainstream parenting, and that there needs to be some avenues for all different types of parents to find what they need.

Eventually, I hope that Mamajamas will become a site that isn’t just about¬†“buying stuff,” but actually about a process of connecting to other like minded parents, building some communication between current parents and new parents, and sharing ideas. But you gotta start somewhere!

Please please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas for the site to make it more useful. My email is: angie (at) mamajamas.com. And thanks for checking it (and this) out.

–Angie (Founder)