New Mamajamas “Expert” Lists!

Today we’re launching a couple features that make it easier for you to find awesome Mamajamas lists.

You can now find lists of recommended baby gear from top baby experts. Just look for the yellow bullseye bullseyenext to their name when you’re looking for lists.

Who are our experts? Only Mamajamas vetted professionals working in the pregnancy and child development space or super knowledgable Mamas (or Papas) working/blogging in the new parent space.

For example, you can now find and follow:

Kara Engelbrecht, Amazing Bay Area Homebirth Midwife

Erin Evans, Top Harvard Sleep Doctor

Rachael Fanopoulis, Founder of Mommybites Boston

Lisa Schiavoni, Child Psychologist Extraordinaire

You can also sort lists by popularity, first name of the list creator, and when it was last updated.

And remember, following lists allows you to get notified when they review new products!



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