Your Mamajamas List Can Now Help Your Laziest of Pregnant Friends

Today we launched the ability for your friends to copy your entire Mamajamas list onto theirs with one click!

Now when I send my Mamajamas list to my pregnant friends, they can simply press the “Copy List” button off of my list, and voilá, baby gear problems solved!

Obviously, they may not want EVERYTHING I recommended (maybe my Himalayan Salt Lamp is a little too weird for them), so after copying my list, they can then customize theirs as they see fit (by looking at other Mamajamas suggested lamps, adding, deleting products, etc. etc.).

But for some folks, they’re cool just trusting you all the way (and possibly your hours of research). It takes time to think about baby gear.

So I say, share your list and encourage your friends copy away!


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