Mamajamas Member Series: A Bay Area Midwife Reminds Us To Breathe

public_list_275711_657347819_1643199233_n 2

Kara and her lovely daughter.

We’ve been live for a couple weeks now, and it’s been wonderful for me to see all the amazing folks that have that have created thoughtful new lists of baby gear.

One of these great lists is by Kara Engelbrecht, who was my doula/midwife assistant for the birth of my son 3 years ago. At that time, I was living in the Bay Area, and she was finishing up training as a homebirth midwife. She now runs her own practice, Mothercraft Midwifery.

Kara was an incredible birth assistant. And though my homebirth dreams were not realized (due to some medical complications caught early), she and my other midwives provided the most amazing support during my pregnancy and very stressful hospital birth!

I’d like to share Kara’s wonderful Mamajamas list with you all. Kara’s list is minimalist by design, and focuses on products that are wholesome and nourishing for expecting and new parents.

811SkIqKEnL._SL1500_ 2If she had to recommend one “must-have” product for new mothers, it would be My Brest Friend:

“My Brest Friend makes learning how to breastfeed so much easier by supporting both mama and baby. And though you may not use it for more than a few weeks, it is really worth having.”

As for the product to not stress about (or even skip!), Kara says:

“There is a lot of pressure to get a good stroller before the birth, and honestly I feel like this one can wait. Babies like to be worn. Strollers usually end up carrying the groceries more often than the baby.”

Kara has a really calming demeanor. (She really helped to keep me as cool as possible despite a difficult pregnancy and an even more difficult labor.) So I asked her for her secret to tranquility. She offered this:

“Breathe. Breathe every night before bed with five deep belly breaths. This will carry you through your labor and birth. It will help you with latching your baby onto your breast. And when you have a day where you feel like you are at the end of your rope, breathe.”

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