The Pacifier Fairy

My son got hand, foot and mouth disease last week. It was brutal. He had a fever, rashes all over his little body, and a mouth full of large, painful canker sores, that made eating anything but ice cream or applesauce out of the question for 3 days.

The only silver lining was that he also couldn’t use his pacifier.

He’s turning 3 this month, so we were already gearing up for we figured would be a tough pacifier weaning. I mean, this is a kid that not only needs to suck a pacifier to sleep, but also keeps another one in his hand as a lovey.

So we seized this opportunity to turn this 3 day hiatus into permanent paci cessation. To supplement his inability to suck, I also informed him that as soon as he got better, the Pacifier Fairy would be making a stop at our house to collect all his pacifiers to give to little babies since he was a big boy now. I got this idea from my own parents, who had the Bottle Fairy come to take my bottle (when I was three!) and leave in it’s place a brand new cup.

So last Monday, Dario helped me gather all his pacifiers around the house into a box. We wrote the Pacifier Fairy a note to let her know that we were ready to give them up to babies who need them, and then he set them out for her and went to sleep.

The next morning, he was very excited to discover that in the place of his pacifiers, was this crazy plastic weed wacker toy that he had recently had a melt-down over us not agreeing to buy for him at one of our local toy stores.

It’s been three days since the fairy came and he’s asked for a pacifier exactly once. And when I reminded him that the Pacifier Fairy took them, he was immediately fine.

I’m kind of still in shock it was that easy. I know that for better or worse, the canker sores helped things along, but the fairy and $20 piece of plastic didn’t hurt either.

One thought on “The Pacifier Fairy

  1. Love this story Angie. I just posted an article on my page about the pros and cons of pacifiers. Great minds think alike. Haha.

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