Musings from a mamajamas mom of two little dudes

A friend of mine (and a Mamajamas beta tester) sent me this great email the other day. I wanted to pass it along even though she didn’t want to be named. I only have one toddler at the moment, so my life is a little more sane, but I certainly get the sentiment of feeling like you’re barely holding things together! Also, she is one of the best, most together moms I know, so I figure these feelings must be close to universal, if even SHE has them….

You know you’re a parent of a newborn and toddler when this is how your day goes:

  • You reheat your ONE and ONLY cup of coffee (because you really shouldn’t have that delicious and much needed cup of coffee while breastfeeding) 5 times and never finish it.
  • You find yourself still in your PJs at 11:30 (but your son is dressed to go outside—which never happens).
  •  Your son entertains himself inside on a beautiful day by spraying water on the floor pretending to clean only to dump the entire spray bottle out on the carpet (which is dirty anyway) causing you to get angry with him and subsequently making you feel awful as a mother.
  • You finally brush your teeth and brush your hair at noon with your toddler half asleep in the arm chair and your 1month old screaming in the swing, but at least you did THAT!
  • As you brush your teeth you wonder if your in-laws, who are coming in two days, will notice all of that toothpaste spital that is on your faucet and pray that they don’t look at the inside of the toilet, on the floor, in the shower…well anywhere in the house for that matter (I might as well write “Welcome” in the thick dust that is currently sitting on the TV stand just so they feel at home).
  • You go to put new sheets on your son’s bed (because they are wet with pee) only to find that the only other set of sheets you have is still sitting on the basement floor dirty.
  • You go to put the sheets in the dryer but the dryer is full and the only other laundry basket you have is full of clean towels that haven’t been folded in 3 days.
  • You try to salvage the morning by doing a fun baking activity that only makes you more angry at your toddler which makes you feel like crying.
  • Your lunch consists of 2 Taquitos which are about 5 days old, leftover mac-n-cheese, half of a plum and 4 cherry tomatoes. Have you had any water today?
  • You almost duct tape the pacifier into your 1 month olds mouth just so he’ll nap for longer than 15 minutes.
  • The jar of Nutella that you’ve just finished (over the course of the WEEK – not just TODAY – did I really just write that?) is now empty and you have no back-up.
  • The two loads of laundry that need to be folded are just getting more wrinkled on your bed which is miraculously made only because it was one thing you COULD accomplish.
  • Your kitchen sink has overflowed with dishes onto your counter.
  • You feel like crying because you really just want both kids to go away for 2 hours so you can curl up under a blanket and nap.
  • You wonder if you are going to have the energy to cook dinner tonight or will it be pizza again (I mean you did have pizza twice within 3 days  last week, so it can happen!).

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